Identifying and Developing the Right Talent has Never Been More Critical

Faced with limited talent pools and a highly competitive market, companies need an accurate understanding of their employees’ capabilities at all organizational levels, and design talent selection and development initiatives that align to the strategic needs of their business. Assessments, assessment centers, and leadership assessments need to not only focus on people leadership capabilities, but also on the business acumen necessary to execute on the company’s strategy.

How We Deliver Value

Our assessment solutions make identifying, selecting and developing the right talent more accurate and efficient as your people will be assessed on the high-impact behaviors critical to business success. We evaluate talent and developmental gaps, ensure identification and talent selection, as well as provide tools and experiences that help people become great performers.

Using customized assessment simulations, we are able to reflect the challenges and opportunities specific to the targeted role. Our powerful experiences allow participants to test-live the key elements of the business and leadership challenges of the role.

The robust technology that hosts our assessment solutions enable them to be flexible, secure, and scalable. BTS is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 27001 certified for our Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), covering our assessment solutions and all supporting infrastructure.

Areas Where We Play

  • Assessments for Selection
  • High Potential Leader Identification
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Salesforce Effectiveness
  • Enterprise Talent Management

2019 IPAC Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sandra Hartog

Unlike competency models, which focus on generic skills and abilities across a broad range of roles and levels in an organization, our Great Framework clarifies what “great” performance looks like within the context of your organization; using your business’ strategy, values, and culture. Our success profile approach and framework identifies the role- or level-specific behaviors, capabilities, and mindsets that accelerate performance.

To begin, we carefully analyze your business and develop an understanding of what great performance looks like. Then, we codify the critical behaviors and capabilities that drive performance into Great Profiles and Playbooks that provide the foundation for all talent management. These behaviors and capabilities reflect both the people and business leader capabilities, and measure the current state of individuals and the organization.

What Makes Us Different?

We are the world’s most business-centric assessment partner

We make a point of knowing your business like it is our own.

We design powerful experiences that immerse participants in key elements of the business and leadership challenges of the role

This makes our assessments practical, valid, and offers a clear return on investment. We set you up for success.

Our team has a background in behavioral science, with advanced degrees in psychology and decades of practical experience

We apply our understanding of what Great means in your organization to every assessment solution, ensuring accuracy of the results you want to see.

Our Clients Love Working with Us

We Work with Leaders at Every Level of an Organization

Our assessments provide selection and development solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your organization and people, from first-time hires, to high potentials, to those being groomed for the C-Suite. Our solutions include:

  • Great Profiles: defines the capabilities and behaviors required for high performance in a specific role and identifies what the very best talent does to enable your company to achieve its strategy.
  • Great Playbooks: a straightforward guide that helps leaders and employees successfully tackle pivotal moments experienced on the job.
  • Moments-Based Assessments: a cost-effective and systematic way to assess key capabilities in leaders, employees, and applicants.
  • Virtual Assessments: BTS’ virtually-delivered assessments are designed around a simulation that resembles the challenges of a targeted role or level.
  • Executive Assessments: individual, in-person leadership assessments for high potential identification, external selection, promotion, and professional development.
  • 180° and 360° Surveys: based on critical behaviors identified in a Great Profile or Great Playbook these diagnostic tools accumulate observations from those who work most closely with your participants: direct reports, peers, and managers.
  • Practice with an Expert: new managers learn critical leadership skills through short video bursts and practice and refine the skill via a virtual session with an expert.
  • Leader Labs: custom-designed, on-site business simulations are used to observe and assess business decision-making and leadership skills of senior leaders or high-potentials in a realistic context.

The Results We Deliver

The climate of the region is, ‘Wow, we’ve got some quality people who have joined the team! Better qualified candidates than we’ve had in our history.’ We’ve had some fantastic results since using your assessment.

Regional Manager

This assessment was significantly challenging, emotionally and intellectually stimulating. I appreciate the effort of the team that served as role players for my assessment and did not expect the level of coordination that was involved... Thank you.

Edward Jones Day in the Life Assessment Center Participant

It was the best experience I have ever gone through for a job because it gave me a chance to actually experience the job before I got hired and it really gave me a thorough idea of what life would be like in the role.

Assessment participant

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