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Assessment Framework

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What is An Assessment Center?

By definition an assessment center is a process, using a variety of techniques, designed to determine the suitability of candidates for a specific job within an organization. Based on a detailed analysis of the skills required to be successful for the job in question, exercises are designed and run to assess the candidates in order to reveal information regarding suitability for the role. Assessment centers combine traditional assessment techniques such as psychological tests with customized technology based simulation exercises, such as email inboxes, phone calls, role plays and other tasks representative of on-the-job requirements.

How it Works

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Role-specific Success Profile™ Development - Define Great

Role-spefic or level-specific success profiles provide a much more practical and applicable way to identify the capabilities and high-impact behaviors critical to company business performance than traditional competency models. We leverage our Great profiling process to take your people to the next level. Defining Great provides a strong foundation for internal and external talent selection, assessment of individual and organizational development gaps, and designing impactful organization-wide training.

Assessment Centers for Selection

The consequences of selecting the wrong people are well known—higher costs associated with turnover, lost revenue opportunities due to lower productivity and lower employee morale and engagement. BTS’s talent assessment solutions make identifying and selecting the right people more accurate and efficient than ever before.

Whether it’s identifying high potentials, selecting key talent from outside your organization, or hiring for key frontline roles with large populations and high turnover, BTS ensures that assessments are based on the high-impact behaviors critical to your strategy execution and reflect the business and people leadership skills that fit your organization’s culture and values.

Assessing High-Impact Frontline Roles

For frontline, customer-facing roles characterized by high volume and high turnover (such as sales or customer service) finding the right people with the right skills for the role is critical. BTS’s targeted selection solutions ensure consistent assessment of applicants resulting in the selection of individuals who will increase the organization’s capability to execute. Our highly realistic assessment experiences also provide participants with an accurate understanding of the role, organization and industry, which ultimately leads to stronger engagement, productivity and retention.

High Potential (HiPo) Leadership Assessment and Development

A critical challenge for many companies is the identification and development of high potential talent. BTS designs custom business simulations that serve as a leadership lab, assessing your high potential leaders in the context of your business and industry. The behavior exhibited during the simulation, as participants make decisions within a true market context, provides insight into business leadership success factors— including strategy development, data analysis, industry and market savvy, customer centricity, critical thinking, collaboration and more. The feedback provided throughout the simulation also introduces participants to concepts and provides them with actionable tools that they can apply in the workplace.


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