Change has changed.
Shouldn’t the way you lead change, change too?


At BTS, we know that change has changed. We believe that traditional change management approaches are less relevant because they can’t keep up with the pace and intensity of business evolution required within today’s new reality. What you need now are engaging and transformational experiences that propel your entire organization to see the possibilities of the strategy and see themselves as a capable and necessary part of the future.

What we do

Standard ‘change management’ produces standard results – so we take a different approach. We are biased to action because we know that you can never plan change perfectly. We help you define your outcomes and the supporting structures you need to implement change, but primarily focus on linking change to your strategy. How? We enable your leaders to embrace and lead change by shifting their mindsets to accomplish your new strategy and focus on leading their people in new ways of working.

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The BTS Culture Strategy Pyramid™

Culture and strategy are mutually reinforcing or simultaneously defeating

Change requires that we address them together because culture shapes how people execute and deliver on the business strategy. When culture is aligned with strategy, people are clear about where the organization is heading, why it's pursuing that direction, and how to get there and contribute to success.

Culture Strategy Pyramid

How we can help you

Organizations are constantly moving through each of these stages of transformation. We meet you where you are and take you further than you thought you could go.

BTS Point of View on Transformation™

Our uncommon sense

We know that outcomes need to be clear enough so you get started but not so planned that you never act. Outcomes also change as you see results. We know that all leaders are change leaders and work with you to create them. We find and shift the mindsets and daily structures that make a disproportional impact in achieving change. We know that change is, and isn't, individual. We help you create the social networks that enable wide scale mindset and behavior shifts.

Infinity Loop

How we are different

We understand that you are leading a movement, not a project plan.

Our approach is:

  • People-centric and mindset driven
  • Rooted in and linked to execution of your strategy

Our Solutions:

  • Increase capacity to change by focusing on the mindsets, skills, and capabilities of your leaders to lead change
  • Start where you are and build the path for moving forward, beginning with the most important step – your people

Our Clients

Our clients are seeing results. From pre-IPO rapid growth companies, to century-old institutions rethinking and disrupting strategy, operating models and expectations for leaders to change the way they create value for their customers, our clients are reporting better alignment to strategy, faster changes in behavior, and increases in key metrics like revenue growth, employee engagement, and organizational health.

"As I sit and reflect this morning about this week’s historic event, I am truly speechless. There are no words elegant enough to describe what we as a team achieved."

Vice President,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Lead differently.

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