Transforming Leaders Transforms Organizations

Do your senior leaders need new mindsets and capabilities to lead the business into the future? Is your strategy and culture mutually reinforcing or simultaneously defeating? How do your leaders need to think and lead differently to shift the culture and be in lock-step with your strategy? Is your C-suite succession bench not as deep and diverse as you would like? Is your CEO concerned about the bench of your leaders leading the future of the company?

According to a Conference Board CEO Challenges Survey, strategy execution has been the #1 priority for CEOs a number of times over the past several years. And yet in a separate study by Bersin and Associates, only 27% of organizations studied link their executive development programs to strategic results.


BTS Partners with USC Marshall School of Business to Launch Accelerating Women Executives

Accelerating Women Executives (AWE) is a unique, six-month development experience for high-potential women leaders designed to accelerate them to the executive level.

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Strategic Alignment and Marketing

BTS has the unique ability to bridge both practical, experiential, inside-out learning, and academic, outside-in learning to help organizations prepare your senior leaders today, ensuring relevance tomorrow.

We Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

The rapid advancement of technology over the last decade has eliminated barriers of entry, dramatically shifting customer and employee expectations, erasing geographic boundaries and introducing a new era of global business. Today’s business environment is defined by speed, adaptability, constant innovation and evolving people values – the traditional leadership archetypes need not apply.

At BTS, we see an entirely new value system emerging for the leaders of the future. While leaders of the past were often tasked with executing predetermined strategies, increasing efficiency, and improving processes, one of the most important characteristics of future leaders is their desire and ability to be a perpetual rookie – in launching new business models, leaving conventional wisdom behind and leading in new ways. We work to transform leaders so that they can transform organizations over and over again. To drive outstanding results, the leaders of today need to be:

Leaders growth chart

BTS’ Integrated Experiences Ensure Success

BTS has the tools to build an end-to-end experience for developing organizational capability and creating the leaders of tomorrow. What makes us unique?

  1. For 30+ years we have been our clients people partner, while other firms have been busy putting strategy and process ahead of people.
  2. To date, we have developed more than 1,000,000 leaders globally with the vast majority claiming our future-state leadership and business simulations was the single best development of their careers.
  3. We combine leadership, business acumen, innovation, coaching, assessments and transformation services to not only drive new habits, but to also shift the environment to reinforce the new behaviors.
  4. We believe that leadership is relentlessly contextual and immensely personal. This means our passion is in getting your unique evolving business model, strategy and the nuances of your culture right so that your leaders only need to practice what high performance looks like for your firm. It also means that shifting mindsets is deeply personal and will be unique for each person. Our assessments, coaching and go-dos integrate into the flow of your “work-work” to make this as seamless as possible.
  5. We are global and deliver at scale.

Additionally, BTS offers a premier open enrollment program, Accelerating Women Executives, for high-potential female succession candidates one to two levels from the C-suite.

We are the World Leader in Designing and Delivering Experiential Leadership Development Journeys

BTS’ award-winning, experiential, future-state leadership and business simulations have proven successful in maturing leaders’ perspective of the enterprise, gaining alignment and buy-in to shifts in the market, and practicing interdependencies and new ways of working.

Whether it is aligning leaders at Splunk to their new high-growth strategy, developing a successful executive leadership team at Chevron, or cascading strategy and new leader expectations from the C-suite to the front line at SAP, BTS creates comprehensive learning experiences that are in lock-step with your CEO’s strategic priorities, culture and metrics. These experiences are not academic exercises — executives practice evolving their company, their customers, their people and processes.

We Leverage Our Global Thought Leader and Expert Network

The BTS Educator Network (bEN) allows us to incorporate the insights of world-class thought leaders, authors and executive practitioners who teach at the best business schools and Fortune 500 companies, including Wharton, Harvard, Oxford, Darden, UC Berkeley, INSEAD, Duke and more.

bEN educators complement our BTS experts and enhance the overall learning experience by incorporating academic rigor, proven research, and outside-in perspective, and helping spark engaging discussion.

bEN educators are carefully vetted to ensure their deep industry and subject matter expertise, culture fit and passion for guiding and challenging your executive leaders. Our bEN colleagues are:

Qualities of bEN Educators 

BTS is commonly asked to drive leader readiness and shift the mindsets and capabilities of every leader within an organization.

What Makes Us Different: An Executive Development Program from a Leading Business School or a Customized BTS Experience?

Bottom line: if you see leadership develop as a form of strategy alignment, and strategy alignment as a transformation accelerator, then a custom set of simulations, experiences, tools, and coaching is required. Generic, universal, content might be inspiring, but at the end of the day, it is only universal leadership development. A custom leadership initiative is a “three for one” providing:

  • Clarity and alignment around the strategic priorities and rationale
  • A chance to experience the desired future state and begin to practice the new leadership moves and decisions that will make it the new reality
  • The opportunity to see your leaders in action and assess them against your leadership expectations – the behaviors that will make the culture-shift and/or strategy successful
  • The table below highlights why both fast-growth tech companies and over 30 of the world’s largest 100 organizations choose BTS instead of business schools for their executive education programs:

    Business School Programs BTS
    Developed by single academic faculty member Co-created with your executive team and expert BTS designers
    Partially relevant, off-the-shelf content 100% aligned to your strategy and CEO’s agenda
    Passive lecture and case-based learning Active learning, practice of new skills, deep engagement and high retention
    Academic and theory based Balance between practical and research based, focused on driving specific business objectives
    Passive networking High performance team building
    Professors as teachers World class thought leaders, BTS experts and internal leaders as teachers
    Learn new content Apply new skills in context of the business’ strategy for measurable business impact
    Finished after the experience Follows executives to workplace, sustaining and measuring behavioral change
    Executive Development their third or fourth priority after research, publication and teaching degree programs Executive Development is our top and only priority

    We believe that great leaders are what is behind long-term market-leading results. BTS is the global leader in building the unique alignment, mindset and capabilities of your leaders, at scale.

The Results We Deliver

The program enabled participants to think more strategically, broadened their enterprise perspectives, built financial acumen, and provided an external focus...

Nigel Hearne, Vice President of Strategy (Downstream)
  • SAP identified that its existing approach to developing leaders was not fully aligned, with differing approaches across its global operations.
  • BTS developed and deployed an end-to-end solution for all levels of leaders across the organization, which provided on-the-job experiences necessary for transformation.
  • SAP has driven profitable growth through the course of its transformation and its cloud businesses continue to grow rapidly quarter by quarter.

The best leadership program I have ever attended. I learned so much about Splunk's business by being exposed to all aspects of decisions the company makes every day.


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