Health Care

Improving Agility and Accelerating Execution

Defined by transformational regulatory shifts, complex stakeholder relationships, and major consolidation, the healthcare industry is entering a pivotal period in its history. BTS helps insurance companies, provider groups, independent physicians, and more navigate this tumultuous landscape.

BTS at CODE Technology

Peter Mulford, Chief Innovation Officer at BTS, sits down with Breanna Cunningham from Code Technology ( to discuss how healthcare companies can adopt an innovators mindset

Client Results

BTS consultants bring passion and deep industry expertise to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results, faster. Read the client success story below to find out how we’ve helped clients meet their strategic objectives.

Case Studies

Business Simulations Enable Humana to Lay the Foundation for Real Change

A Response to the Growing Challenge in Healthcare.

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Implementing a New Strategic Direction at a Leading Health Insurance Company

A leading diversified health insurance company finds opportunity in a healthcare industry undergoing unprecedented change.

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Featured Videos

Capturing the Big Picture with a Business Simulation

Humana reflects on a BTS business simulation designed to simplify the complex healthcare process, inspire fresh ideas and develop new approaches. Participants testify to the value of the experience.

Humana's Strategy Execution Journey

Humana's strategy execution journey began with a strategic partnership with BTS. Ray Vigil of Humana discusses the challenges in gaining leadership buy-in, how BTS's business simulation enabled success, and the significant results of the program.

We partnered with BTS to rebuild our simulation program that models our business so we can practice making decisions in a new and different marketplace. Their program helps us improve the execution of our new strategy and to achieve the results our shareholders and customers expect."

Mark Bertolini - Chairman, CEO and President, Aetna Inc.

BTS Health Care Insights

Strategic Simulations Drive Change in Health Care

It is no exaggeration to say that the change being made in the National Health Service in England today is the biggest in its 60 year history. On the other side of the Atlantic, the US is in the middle of implementing ‘Obamacare’, described as the greatest change in how Americans pay for health care since the creation of Medicare half a century ago. In an environment that demands exceptional strategy execution, agility and innovation, the successful transformation of health care organizations demands effective strategy execution.

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Simulating a Better Health Care System

Humana partnered with BTS to create one of several Health Economy Simulator (HES) events. Five teams of doctors, hospital administrators, government administrators and payer representatives teamed up to compete against all Humana customers from the region over two days in a race to improve the health of their particular region’s population by 2015.

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For over a decade, BTS has supported insurance organizations in every sector of the industry and various divisions of the value chain on strategic initiatives ranging from aligning senior executive teams around the company strategy to building fundamental business acumen. Our experience spans the globe. Our clients include Aetna, Humana, Liberty Mutual, Prudential and other major industry players.


We are proud to serve leading insurance organizations facing the following specific challenges:

Accelerating Strategy Execution

Aligning and exciting employees around the company strategy and developing the capabilities critical to success

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Building Business Acumen

Improving financial acumen; reinforcing an enterprise- wide perspective; understanding the short term trade-offs between various products

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Sales Transformation

Enabling sales people to become a proactive, value-add partner

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Aligning Industry Stakeholders

Creating alignment and collaboration between insurers, providers, government, brokers, and plan sponsors to improve health outcomes

Improving Customer Centricity

Adopting a holistic approach to the customer leading to an improved customer experience, customer loyalty, retention and referrals

Building a Global Mindset

Creating a global mindset to compete in a global marketplace

Developing High-Impact Behaviors

Embedding the behaviors needed for an uncertain environment in which half of the business could disappear overnight


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