Strategically Adapting

The manufacturing industry is faced with both challenges and opportunities. Technological advancements, evolving methods of production, dynamic supply networks, regulatory shifts, accelerating globalization, and emerging market economies are redefining today’s complex manufacturing landscape. To be successful, manufacturing companies are forced to strategically adapt.

Client Results

BTS consultants bring passion and deep industry expertise to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results, faster. Read the client success story below to find out how we’ve helped clients meet their strategic objectives.

Implementation of a New Supply Management Philosophy: A Strategy Execution Case Study from Scania

A new strategic initiative at Scania required managers to be aligned to the company strategy.



"This solution has been one of the key drivers for communicating a new perspective on pricing, the drivers for account profitability, and value added to our management teams and sales force of 250 people. During the period 2004-2008, we met and exceeded our budgeted profit levels, which was threatened to be wiped out by the steel price increases during the period"

- Kjell Åkesson, former CEO, Lindab

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What We Do

For over twenty-five years, BTS has supported manufacturing organizations in virtually every sector working on over 1,000 strategic initiatives. Our experience spans the globe and our clients include key industry players.

We are proud to serve leading manufacturing organizations and accelerate execution of the following specific challenges:

Developing Business Acumen

Improve understanding of profitability and the critical drivers; build market orientation; strengthen understanding of the entire business value chain and functional interdependencies

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Building Customer Centricity

Implement a customer mindset to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Reducing Time to Customer

Drive time and cost effectiveness from order to payment

Building Customer Understanding

Develop products, solutions, and services that help customers deliver business results for their customers

Reducing Time to Market

Build a profitable product portfolio

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Optimizing the Supply Chain

Optimizing sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and inventories

Improving Service Operation

Developing margins in the service business

Increasing Operational Efficiency

Implement common methods and processes from order to payment

In addition, BTS has developed The Manufacturing Business Simulation. Through the high-impact, customizable program, participating employees develop industry understanding, experience the key business drivers and challenges of the manufacturing business, and develop the capabilities necessary for success.


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