Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Much of the oil and gas industry has survived an especially tough few years with weak demand and low prices. On one hand, reducing capital expenditure is a natural response to low oil prices, but on the other hand the industry needs to continue to explore and develop to meet long term demand.

These facts, in addition to the demand growth focused in emerging markets, increase of alternative energy sources, increasingly complex upstream projects, consolidation and competition for talent, has put the industry under an enormous pressure.

Under these circumstances, oil and gas companies have started to focus on their overall capital productivity and improving profits on a per barrel basis instead of looking at their capital efficiency indicator as they were used to.

To succeed, companies need to find creative and innovative ways to combat these challenges, adapting their mindsets as well as their business models and guarantee speed of execution. A commonality between many O&G clients is the great tenure of their employees, which creates a deep wisdom and expertise base within the organization. This can, however, make change and transformation more challenging as new mindsets, new skillsets, and new business models are needed to compete in the industry.

In addition, with the increasing connectivity of the business and the data/analytics to leverage, new skills are required from employees, as is enough empowerment within the culture (without risking safety & controls) to act on insights and make changes when opportunities arise.

Over the last decade, we have partnered with 8 of the 20 largest global oil and gas companies in the Top 400 of the Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 list to help them develop the necessary alignment, capabilities and/or mindsets for strategy execution.

What We Do

BTS leverages customized business simulations and experiential learning programs that effectively engage leaders and develop the business acumen, leadership, and sales skills necessary for strategy execution.

BTS has worked with companies in the energy and petro-chemical industries for more than 15 years. Over this time, BTS has partnered with international oil companies such as Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, and Total, and independents such as Anadarko and Valero, as well as several national oil companies.


We have a broad range of capabilities, including:

End-to-end value chain understanding

Develop a deep understanding of the interdependencies that exist across the downstream/upstream value chain and the levers required to improve profitability and return and consequently align the market business teams on integrating its functional groups.

Safety culture transformation

Develop the skills and behaviors to align to the safety culture mindset and consequently achieve outstanding health, safety and environment goals.

Unconventional projects

Designing a high impact initiative to align the business unit leaders on a mindset transformation on unconventional resources. Through the initiative, the business unit leaders are better able to understand the levers within the business that drive results and the mindset required to operate in an unconventional environment. This initiative helped contribute to significant cost and performance enhancements throughout the business units.

Simulating regulatory impacts

With aggressive emissions and carbon regulations facing refiners, BTS partners with downstream refiners to model various forms of regulations and the impacts on the company, its competitors, and even consumer and taxpayer impacts. The results of the simulation-based model helped the company’s leaders to make no-regret decisions while informing its political lobbying strategies.

Major capital projects

With industry benchmarking indicating that 75% of all major capital projects were over budget or over schedule, BTS enhance project management skills and improve project performance by allowing project professionals to experience the trade-offs, interdependencies, and lessons learned from past projects.

Accelerating a business transformation

As leaders in the industry identify business model and process shifts to generate better results, they partner with BTS to engage the organization, unveil and align them to the change. BTS also designs high-impact journeys to drive execution readiness of new strategies and organizational structures. This includes the highly important accompaniment of cultural and capability shifts go truly embed and sustain the transformation.

Executive Alignment Sessions

BTS partners with executive leadership teams to facilitate strategic alignment working sessions to help executives prepare to accelerate a business transformation, strategic change, or cultural shift.

Why BTS?

We know your industry and your customers

BTS brings deep industry knowledge in both Upstream (i.e. Upstream Value Chain, Major Capital Projects, Commercial Agreements, Unconventional Engineering Management, LNG trading) and Downstream (i.e. Downstream & Chemicals Value Chain, Downstream Cash Flow Management, Lubricants, AB32Environmental Regulations, Service Station Network Optimization)

BTS has focused on the Oil & Gas Industry for more than a decade and collaborates with 8 of the 20 largest global oil and gas companies from the Top 400 of the Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 list

We partner with some of the biggest oil field services companies such as Schlumberger and Baker Hughes

Expertise in related industry topics

With deep expertise across industries from finance to manufacturing to software, we work with all clients to improve and accelerate execution in this rapidly evolving time.

  • Digital Transformation: In collaboration with Microsoft, we have built a learning experience that focuses on the impact of digital transformation on businesses. This solution equips industry leaders with the capabilities and mindset needed to lead and execute on their strategy through a digital transformation - a critical make-or-break factor for companies in the 21st century.
  • O&G Supply & Trading Businesses: For over 25 years, BTS has partnered with firms around the world and across the entire financial service industry ecosystem, including retail banking, commercial banking, capital markets & investment banking, wealth management, insurance, broker/dealers, and custodial banking.
  • Wholesale clients: We have a broad range of capabilities that cover strategy execution and capability building from the enterprise-level to the more specific functions of merchandising, wholesale, supply chain and sales. Our experience spans the globe and includes clients such as Walmart.

We’re like a member of your team

We take pride in our ability to immerse ourselves within our client’s businesses and within our client teams. Many of our clients remark that it feels like we’re actually a member of their internal team.

Our vast network

Our footprint, with 33 offices in 21 countries, makes it possible to scale our programs and work with you anywhere across the globe.

Client Results

Accelerating Executive Development at Chevron

As a large integrated energy company, Chevron faces many difficult challenges in order to maintain its’ status as a leader in the space.

I was skeptical at first about the value of the simulation, but I am now a strong believer in how much a simulation can provide a rich and efficient learning platform for our high potential leaders.

- John Watson, Chairman and CEO, Chevron
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The program has shifted minds culturally to accept the need to exploit synergies in the group. It is the catalyst for change.

- Roy Gardner, CEO, Centrica
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