Crafting High-Impact Solutions that Help Clients Achieve Better Results, Faster

The pace of change is accelerating across the technology industry, shifting the competitive landscape and global market. Hardware, software, cloud computing, and technology service businesses are challenged by the velocity of technological innovation, the proliferation of new markets, the rise of consumer-driven personal devices, and the evolution of customer needs and expectations.

Client Results

BTS consultants bring passion and deep industry expertise to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results, faster. Read the client success stories below to find out how we’ve helped clients meet their strategic objectives.

Delivering Sustainable Revenue Growth at Texas Instruments

Jeff McCreary of Texas Instruments discusses facing the ultimate business challenge of increasing market share.

Case Studies

Lenovo Case Study Image


Competition in the technology industry is fierce. As continuous technological change redefines the market, the competitive landscape shifts, advantages erode and threats surface. To stay ahead, Lenovo is focused on strategy execution.

VMware Case Study Image


The world’s largest provider of virtualization software, VMware has grown rapidly, moving beyond basic hardware consolidation and making dramatic advances in the efficiency, availability and manageability of IT resources.

Leading Technology Company Image

Leading Technology Company

Customer understanding and innovation are at the foundation of this leading technology company’s sales transformation.

Autodesk Case Study Image


Despite Autodesk’s history of rapid growth, the company perceived tough challenges ahead, particularly in strengthening its sales force.



"BTS is unique in the investment they make in getting to really understand your situation and challenges and in seeking to enable your organization to develop its own responses, as opposed to providing simplistic answers that will have short half-lives. The culture that BTS brings to the table is one of humility and learning. As the proverb says, BTS, through their unique simulation-based approach, is in the business of enabling people to better fish for themselves as opposed to providing a fish that will only last a day."

- Paul Maritz, Former CEO, VMware

What We Do

Within this dynamic environment, BTS accelerates execution by ensuring the workforce is aligned to the strategy, has the right mindset, and has mastered the capabilities needed to deliver business results.

For over a decade, BTS has completed hundreds of projects, delivering solutions for both small and large companies across the technology value chain. We are proud to serve leading organizations in enterprise software, hardware, IT, cloud computing, and services infrastructure. Our experience extends the globe. Our clients include five of the top fifteen software organizations, two of the top ten hardware companies, and two of the leading consulting firms in the industry.

BTS partners with technology companies facing the following challenges:

Strategy Execution

Accelerating execution, from top executives to front-line leaders, by building the alignment, mindset and capabilities needed for effective strategy execution

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Accelerating Innovation

Creating a culture and structured approach around innovation

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Strategy Alignment

Enabling CIO’s to align and engage the organization as they drive major IT transformations

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Developing Business Acumen

Building the financial acumen, market-orientation, and cross-enterprise perspective of employees

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Leadership Development

On-boarding new employees to build industry understanding and learn the company’s position in the competitive landscape

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Sales Transformation

The enablement for direct sales and channel models

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