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“Coaching [is] an essential tool for achieving business goals”, according to HBR. But all too often, professional coaching falls short of its potential. Many times, coaching is seen as very personal and dependent on matching the right coach with the right individual that it is not scalable. Due to this, most coaching focuses on the individual’s strategies or goals, rather than the company’s. And, because of confidentiality, organizations often see leadership coaching as a ‘black box’ as they do not know what happens after they pay for it. The biggest of all the constraints for successfully using coaching as a tool for driving business impact is the cost structure.

To eliminate all these constraints, we have turned coaching on its head and made it consistently scalable, the best tool to make strategy personal, produce the most powerful data on the market, and, above all, affordable for all leaders. Our approach enables organizations to use everything from executive coaching and leadership coaching to build coaching skills and a coaching culture as strategic differentiators that drive business success.

We learn most (retain learning and change behavior) when the emotional circuits within our brain are activated. Visceral, lived experiences best activate these circuits; they prompt us to notice both things in the environment and what’s going on inside ourselves.

How We Deliver Value: Mindset, Impact, and Change at Scale

Coaching has the power to change habits. Traditional coaching methods change habits in about a year, we do it in 4 months. We are able to do this because we are making every coaching minute count by designing conversations and coaching journeys tightly focused on the changes that are core to the business. The second reason for our speed in changing habits lies in mindset shifts. It is at the center of how we work – our coaches are explicitly trained to go deeper and work with the root cause of people’s behavior. We base our mindset shifts on our leadership shifts framework, a structure that we have built from evidence-based research after more than 120,000 coaching conversations. And, the third reason is in how we use coaching strategically within the business context; coaching is not a perk for the individual but rather an integrated part of the wider business agenda.

Areas Where We Play

  • As your coaching provider of choice. We offer on-demand coaching, from executive coaching at the top to scalable leadership coaching available to the many.
  • Building coaching into your leadership, talent, or change solutions, you can truly make strategy personal – and develop talent faster in a more personal way.
  • We enable an organization to get more out of their leaders by building a coaching culture based on research of the successful coaching skills and mindsets of every level of leaders.
  • Team coaching helps teams become more effective by utilizing a diagnostic tool, team event, one-to-one coaching, and peer coaching.

Our Approach to Leadership Coaching

In the past, it wasn’t economically or technologically feasible to offer all leaders access to a coach. Over the past decade, our innovative and research-driven approach, combined with our robust technology, has eliminated these obstacles. We deliver coaching at scale globally, at an investment level that makes it accessible to the many. Our coaching framework, global footprint, world-class coaches, and digital platform makes this all possible.

The coaching programs and journeys we design together with our clients are tailored to the business context and delivered through different means. One-to-one coaching is carried out either face-to-face or virtually. PODs are our solution to small group coaching and maximizes the 70/20/10 principle of effective learning and can also be facilitated face-to-face or virtually. We use face-to-face workshops for interactive, deeply immersive sessions where participants are taken through a self-reflecting journey. We specialize in working remotely and use webinars to inspire, engage, and present new thinking to larger groups.

What Makes Us Different?

A Truly Global Community

To date, we have coached over 40,000 leaders at 267 companies worldwide and this number is only growing. This is possible because of our network of over 280 certified coaches that are based in 37 countries have the capabilities to coach in 28 different languages. Every coach is not only professionally qualified but has to attend over 160 hours of development yearly. Our vibrant learning community includes high investment in on-going professional development, community learning calls and activity days, online resources and more.


We are unique in being able to offer everything from on-demand coaching for the many, focused leadership coaching in support of talent and strategy agendas, to executive coaching and top team development for critical teams. We can integrate these solutions into a clear coaching strategy that weaves your frameworks and strategies into every assignment.

Mindset Map and the Twelve Shifts®

Our framework makes every coaching moment count. We base our approach on our mindset map, a methodology that we have built from evidence-based research from more than 120,000 coaching conversations. In our framework, there are four main domain areas—Be, Inspire, Relate, and Think—where leaders make mindset shifts. These domains are then broken down to 12 leadership shifts and 34 mindsets that we have found to produce the biggest impact on leaders. And for each shift – using the insight from the volume of our coaching we’ve refined tools, approaches and insights that best enable change against these Twelve Shifts®.

Our Clients Love Working with Us

Brandon Hall 2018 Excellence in Learning
Brandon Hall 2018 Excellence in Learning
Brandon Hall 2018 Excellence in Learning

We Work with Leaders at Every Level of an Organization

Through our innovative approach to coaching, leaders at all levels have access to a coach. Our coaching initiatives are tailored to the changes that are core to the business and used for:

  • First-line leaders or sales leaders
  • Leaders transitioning between roles, locations, or companies
  • Personalized just-in-time learning for leaders when they need it
  • Key leaders in the execution of a business change
  • Senior executives
  • Leadership teams
  • Mid-level leaders or technical experts
  • As part of leadership development programs
  • To promote particular behavior changes like agile working or always-on feedback

The Results We Deliver

I would recommend the BTS team and their approach to any organization looking for a sustainable growth advantage.

Global Drinks Company

Finally, a global business that can take great quality coaching to the masses.

Rob Lauber, Chief Learning Officer

Because they aim to shift attitude, which is the most sustainable way to impact behavior, BTS (formerly CIAB) is our main coaching provider in Mondelez

Julia Freeman, Chief Learning Officer

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