Fostering CollaborationHow does collaboration influence business success?Survey conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit

Gain insight into the collaboration techniques and capabilities that are driving success at high-performing companies.

Research Exposes the Effects of Collaboration and the Collaborative Techniques Most Critical to Business Success

Based on a global survey of over two hundred executives, senior leaders and managers conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, “Fostering Collaboration” explores the relationship between collaboration and business success.

Past research reports have shown collaboration to be critical to gaining buy-in to strategy and successful executing on that strategy. This research report set out to investigate:

  1. How and why do companies collaborate internally?
  2. What are the barriers to collaboration?
  3. How does internal collaboration influence business results?

The research found a clear correlation between collaboration and business success, particularly in regards to revenue growth and market-share leadership. These leaders build a strong culture of collaboration, across all levels of an organization, and foster an environment in which it is easy to collaborate. The study also revealed that top performing companies use collaboration in a very specific manner, different than that of less successful firms. For more insights and key findings, download your complimentary copy of the full report above.

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