Event Design

Experience Development
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Virtual Event

Event Design

Experience Development
& Facilitation

Virtual Event

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Program description

The BTS Sales kickoff and Large-scale offsite offering is a unique and custom engagement where we work with your team to create powerfully and intentionally designed experiences that align and inspire your people. Available in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we offer three services: event design advisory, experience development and facilitation, and virtual event enablement. The BTS kickoff and offsite offerings follow our 4 mindful design principles to drive synergistic purpose, ownership, reflection, and intention.

Business challenges addressed

  • I need help designing and preparing for my event
  • I need help developing the main stage and in-room content for my event to bring my event to life
  • I need help managing and executing the virtual event

Program details

  • Format: virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Duration: 1-hour; ½-day; 1-day; multi-day
  • Capacity: 5000 or less

Event Design Advisory

A partner who will help you design and guide the execution of your SKO. Services include but are not limited to alignment of leaders on themes, outcomes, and the experience red thread; event design; platform selection; and speaker selection/preparation..

Experience Design & Facilitation

Bring your main stage presentations and breakout room experiences to life. BTS can support you with the creation of main stage presentations, breakout room content (i.e., simulations & conversations), and event emcee & facilitation.


Virtual Event Enablement

A comprehensive SKO enablement partner who can guide you through the challenges of Virtual Event Program Management.

The space to personalize

It is the intentional space created for individuals to make sense of each experience and how it connects to purpose – making strategy personal.

The why behind the work

is the connective tissue, the story, that brings the entire experience together – enabling sellers to leverage their strengths to drive business outcomes.

The commitment to take action

is about the practical and meaningful experiments individuals want to take to in the field – driving SKO execution.

The mindset that drives accountability

It is about creating opportunities for individuals to workshop concepts and ideas to empower and activate them – authoring is ownership.

Re-imagining a CEO Leadership Summit

Read about how we partnered with a multinational software company to create a digitally-enabled summit that brought the organization’s global strategy to life.

Implementing the Intelligent Enterprise

Learn how we co-created a virtual experience with a global enterprise software corporation, successfully aligning the organization's leaders to a new strategic direction.



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