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Most school leaders will never invest in themselves, develop their leadership, or intentionally develop leadership in others. Why? Because the daily grind of school demands your attention and can feel like leadership.   

BTS Spark finally addresses the real challenges of leadership and develops thoughtful, purposeful and effective leaders at all levels of school personnel - directly impacting student success.  

We've helped 10,000 school leaders and by extension 7 million students.

How can we help you?

BTS Spark’s leadership curriculum offers a lifetime of learning for education leaders. 34 leadership mindset shifts to master… amazing!

Tony Mackay
CEO, Centre for Strategic Education, Founding Chair, AITSL

Our Middle and Senior Managers benefitted from identifying what might hold them back as leaders in order to develop strategies to support their leadership growth. We appreciated being able to personally tailor workshops to support our local context.

Rebecca Clarke

My coach helps me to analyze situations, breakdown problems and find pragmatic solutions. After each session I feel inspired and ready for action.

Chris Weaving
Head teacher

The group coaching program has been well received by my staff. It has been really helpful in finding a common language to talk about tricky situations.

Victoria Staunton

The coaching experience is always profound and illuminating for individual participants. Undertaken by a strategic team together, it can also change the collective mindset and build a common language for transforming practices.

David Jackson
Senior Associate, Innovation Unit


BTS Spark helps school principals, superintendents, administrators, department chairs, instructional coaches, teachers, and non-profit leaders worldwide to find their ‘leadership spark’ through Professional Development Days, One to one coaching, Group coaching, and Customized Programs.

Targeted development

Flexible support

Leaders should access professional learning when and where they need it – so we offer flexible programs that are tailored to the individual or team.

Shifting mindsets

Research based approach

Our award winning, leading edge curriculum provides practical tools for leaders to master the 34 essential leadership mindset shifts.

Delivered by experts

Delivered by experts

Our professional coaches and facilitators have high level coaching qualifications, 10+ years of coaching experience and a deep understanding of the education context.

We’re committed to making high quality professional development accessible to all schools

As a non-profit, we believe that quality PD shouldn’t break the bank.

Cost per participant in US$
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Half Day PD session

Group of 25

PD Day

Group of 25

PD Day + follow up webinar

Group of 25

Two PD Days

Group of 25

Leadership diagnostic & debrief

6 week 1-to-1 coaching module

4 month 1-to-1 coaching program (30 mins sessions)

Blended program with three PD Days & three 1-to-1 coaching sessions

4 month 1-to-1 coaching program (60 mins sessions)

9 month 1-to-1 coaching program (30 mins sessions)

9 month 1-to-1 coaching program (60 mins sessions)

Many schools spend $2,500 sending three people away to a local conference and bringing in substitute staff. For the same price, BTS Spark could offer those three people a six month coaching program, run a PD Day for 25 of your teachers or deliver a 4 month group coaching program for your leadership team.

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