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For 30+ years you have co-innovated with us, pulled us forward into many new services and evolved us from being your simulation and practice partner, to partners in broader leadership, go-to-market enablement, and culture-shifting change and transformation.

We’d like to return the favor. We want you to feel confident in your ability to protect your people and continue business momentum.

Our Promise

We’ll be alongside you to make sure that anything in your strategy and plan for your people and organization is available virtually or digitally.

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Six moves we recommend

On this page you will find six moves that we are actively engaged with for many of our global clients. All of these moves are 100% virtual and digital. All of them are practical, on-strategy, and designed to change how your people think, lead, and work.

Virtual Readiness

Your people need to lead and think differently. You may not be able, or want, to hold physical offsites but keep the meetings and run them virtually instead. Consider broadening the participation to thousands. They will hear directly from top leadership and feel involved in the thinking and immediate actions

Are your leaders ready to lead in a downturn? Debate and wrestle with a shift in strategy. Give your teams and leaders a chance to practice leading differently, using nuanced acumen to make better business decisions, and understand what different conversations with customers feels like.

Virtual Execution

Mindsets are just as critical as strategy to execution. Double down on leader readiness and helping all of your leaders articulate and own the personal mindsets most critical to your strategy and culture.

In a downturn, or even in uncertain times, the conversations between sellers and buyers change. Learnings for sellers and managers on this topic need to happen rapidly and be modular and layered so organizations can stay close with their customers while upskilling.

Virtual Development

Today is an opportune time to train and develop. With many people working from home, and business slowing down, it is actually a great time for your people to upskill. Going forward, learning will be increasingly virtual, digital, leader-led, and self-directed in the flow of work, whether from home, in the office, or on the go.

A paradigm shift has occurred. The pandemic-inspired work-from-home reality, is an opportunity to radically rethink our views on what can be done virtually.

Talent and Learning organizations have a watershed opportunity to pivot their teams and resources to:

  1. Accelerate the most important strategies for the company and equip leaders to drive top priorities
  2. Inspire action with a leadership style that creates positive spirit and trust and that unlocks energy and creativity
  3. Redesign learning curricula to strengthen people capabilities by leveraging the latest digital and virtual advances

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